A petition against the closure of the Nîmes Beausoleil post office

A petition against the closure of the Nîmes Beausoleil post office

La semaine dernière, une manifestation a été organisée devant le bureau de Poste pour dénoncer sa fermeture. Midi Libre – Correspondant

Le comité de quartier Beausoleil-Route d'Arles ne goûte que très peu la décision du groupe La Poste de remplacer le bureau de la rue d'Alger par deux points relais commerçants.

On Tuesday, February 13, the mayor of Nîmes Jean-Paul Fournier expressed indignation, through a press release, at the announced closure of the Beausoleil post office, indicating his regret"this decision which weakens the presence of public postal services in this sector of the city"

"A height" for the neighborhood committee

Justifying the reasons for this choice with a drop in attendance observed "– 38% between 2019 and 2022" , the La Poste group then specified that this location will be, from March 18, "transformed into La Poste Relais. Thus, local customers will be able to carry out their postal operations over extended time slots in two local businesses". But these reasons are far from convincing the Beausoleil neighborhood committee–Route d'Arles: "A shame! La Poste justifies this closure for "drop in attendance", while in recent years it has reduced the hours, services and opening days of our office.' ;quot;

A petition available at the post office

While a protest action took place on February 15 in front of the post office concerned, the members of the neighborhood committee believe that this office "will never be compensated by two "La Poste Relais", they will never provide the services currently provided to residents. We, from Nîmes, users, living in the Beausoleil district – Route d'Arles and the surrounding neighborhoods, we expect from the public authorities a rapid and effective reaction to defend our Post Office".

The committee has launched a petition against the closure which can be signed by returning it directly to the post office.

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