A petition against the mask is removed

Une pétition contre le masque est retirée

The petition against the wearing of masks compulsory in Quebec has been removed because it contained misinformation, supports the internet site Change.org who had taken her in.

“Change.org is an open platform which really takes seriously its mission to empower people of all spectrums of political ideology. We also take very seriously the threat to public safety, as misinformation can cause, ” says Sarah Dixon, a spokesman.

There is a little more than a week, a petition against the wearing of masks compulsory in all public schools closed in Quebec was circulating on social networks, calling into question the effectiveness of this last.

Rules violated

However, two days later, the petition of more than 58 000 signatures has been removed from the web by the website that was hosting because he “broke the rules of the community,” explains its founder, Geneviève Sénécal.

However, the petitions that disseminate information discredited, liable to incite panic or that may cause harm are not permitted on the platform, ” says Ms. Nixon.

“We allow the petitions that debate in a responsible manner to the scientific research or the standards of the industry and raise concerns without fear. Unfortunately, on this occasion, we had to withdraw the petition because we have come to regard as contrary to these standards “, she adds.


Since 18 July, the mask is mandatory in enclosed public places for all persons aged 12 years and older, with the risk to be hit by a large fine, ranging from $ 400 to $ 6000, in case of recurrence.

Several hundred people had gathered in Saint-Georges, to protest against the health measures to be mandatory that are not unanimously welcomed, especially on the side of traders, who fear having to play the police.

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