A physician congolese to protect the plant

Un médecin congolais pour protéger l’usine

A Quebecer who was a doctor in the democratic Republic of Congo before arriving here to ensure that the coronavirus does not enter the plant Adfast using screening tests pushed.

“We have taken steps to make a serological test to the employees to have a concrete idea of the people who have developed the antibodies, the sharing Jude Umba, health and safety coordinators of the work of Adfast.

Arrived in Quebec four years ago, Jude Umba is a graduate of a doctor of medicine degree from the University of Kinshasa, where he worked for two years as a physician at the Hospital du Cinquantenaire”.

Once here, he worked at the City of Montreal and at Saputo before finding a post as a health and safety officer to work by Adfast. Since then, it has come up in the ranks and he became a coordinator in health and safety in the workplace.

In addition to the temperature, of the battery issues and the implementation of a screening test pushed, Jude Umba ensures the grain in the plant to prevent the virus finds its way among his colleagues.

“It is very demanding. It requires a personal commitment because you have to be there to remind people to be careful when there is a certain looseness. There has been only one case of 125 employees. This demonstrates that our measures have been profitable and effective, ” shows there.

Second wave

For the CEO of Quebec Manufacturers and exporters, Véronique Proulx, the rights issues surrounding the tests and their costs can explain why they do not seem to be still prevalent in our plants.

She adds that the situation in Quebec is not the same as in the United States, where companies are snapping up these health specialists. She fears, however, that the recent outbreaks on the South Shore come shuffling the cards.

“Employers are really afraid of the second wave,” she says. Is it that the employees will be afraid to return to work ? Is it that they want to keep their children at home ? “

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