A pimp comes out with the minimum sentence of 5 years

Un pimp s’en sort avec la peine minimale de 5 ans

A violent pimp who savagely abused and exploited three minor is, however, drawn with a minimum of five years of incarceration, even if the judge recognized that he should have “in theory” bailing out of a sentence three times longer.

“He spoke [of a victim] as a dog, he urged her, told her that she belonged to him, that she was not in a fairy tale,” said judge Jean-Jacques Gagné, condemning recently Joseph Yohannes at the palais de justice of Montreal.

The pimp montreal, 23-year-old was targeted at young runaways.

Besides, it is his crimes that have contributed to highlighting the disturbing trend in 2016, and which had among others led to the creation of a special commission on the sexual exploitation of a minor.


As in many cases, the raptor approached his victims by promising them the moon. But behind his beautiful words hiding a true manipulator, violent, far from the image charming that he has planned at the start.

“He controlled what one of the victims ate, what she drank, lamented the magistrate. She felt that if she was not working as he said the accused would hurt her one way or another, verbally or physically. “

Another victim, then aged 15, had been discussed at an exit of a metro station. After having been charmed, the girl ran away from home. And quickly, Yohannes has forced her into prostitution, taking all the money.

Just before she was rescued by the police, Yohannes was going to be tattooed, to make her understand that she belonged to him. Before that, the teenager had never known prostitution.

The third victim was found in a motel, drugged.


Even if more than four years have passed since the three teens were rescued, they still live in trauma, ranging from nightmares to post-traumatic stress disorder.

“Everything is fragile “, said one of them, explaining that his relationships with men were always difficult.

Yohannes briefly apologized for his actions, attributing them in large part to ” gender as a mistake of youth “.

The pimp was then developed in detention for psychiatric problems.

“Seriously, like, I almost lost his head in prison, he said. It happened, it was like hell. I’ve done bad things, but bad things have happened to me also. “

During the Same period

Among others, it is because of these psychiatric problems, the judge Won was sentenced Yohannes to only five years in prison, the minimum provided for in the act.

As he forced the three victims into prostitution during the same period, the magistrate considered that there was a single “adventure criminal,” and therefore that it was not necessary to add the minimum sentence three times, for a total of 15 years of incarceration.

“There is a principle that the total sentence does not exceed the guilt” package, he also explained.

Once out of prison, within a few months, Yohannes must undergo a probation of two years.

♦ The Crown, which called for seven years of incarceration, has 30 days to appeal the sentence.

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