A pink pigeon causes outrage in New York

Pink pigeon sparks outrage in New York


A pink pigeon was rescued by an animal welfare agency from a park in Manhattan, New York City. 

According to the New York Post, the latter was dyed by future parents who wanted reveal the sex of their child as part of a party.

The bird was malnourished when it was found.

“The poor pigeon was not able to find food, says the organization. A domestic bird struggles to fly to escape its predators. Its unusual color made it particularly vulnerable.”

The pigeon was bought at a poultry market. He would never have flown in his life. 

The American east coast is a meeting point for many species of birds, while 335 species live there. The latter are not all adapted to the urban landscape of New York, since many birds injure themselves on buildings or cars. They are also prime targets for cats.

A problematic celebration?

Several gender reveal parties have gone sour in the last years. In 2022, two people died in a plane crash in Cancún after a revelation went wrong. A celebration would also be behind the great fire that burned 93,077 square kilometers of forest to ashes, in California.