A pitbull euthanized after attacking a bandwidth

Un pitbull euthanasié après avoir attaqué une passante

WARNING – The images below are difficult to look at.

A lady attacked by two pitbulls in Beaumont comes out with more than 40 stitches to a leg. The event has led to one of the first seizures under the new quebec law on dangerous dogs and the euthanasia of one of the two dogs.

The unfortunate incident occurred at Beaumont on 6 April last. While doing his daily walk with his wife and his dog Stella, a labrador, Marc Thériault saw two imposing pitbulls to leave the field to their owner to cross the River road and attack his dog. Quickly, one of the two beasts turned his attention to his wife.

Stella had also sustained injuries.

“When they attacked my dog, I began to fight, their kicks to separate them. It is here that one of the two went away and went to bite my joint to the calf, ” says Mr. Thériault.

Deep laceration

The woman had to undergo a quarantine of stitches in the calf.

Police and paramedics were called on the spot. The victim, suffering a deep laceration to the calf, was finally shot with a forty stitches. It should not keep scars in addition to some trauma, believes his spouse.

“It is certain that it will keep some concerns,” said the man, stating that his dog is doing well too in the circumstances.

The Sûreté du Québec confirmed that he had originally issued one citation to the owner of the dogs, but the folder has not stopped there. Under the new provincial law came into force on 3 march, a behavioral assessment was ordered by the municipality of Beaumont.

“According to the conclusions of the reports, we have made the decision to proceed with the euthanasia of the dog that has bitten the lady. He had a rating of ” bad ” high mortal “, explains the director general of the municipality of Beaumont, Carl Pelletier, noting that the second dog involved had also been removed at its owner. Euthanasia was performed on the 21st of may last.

A first ?

The decision could possibly be a first, thinks Mr. Pelletier. The ministry of public Security has not been able to confirm this information to the Log since the channels of communication between the different parties are always perfect.

“Some of the mechanisms still remain to be implemented, including one which provides that the municipalities must provide certain information. […] Steps must still be performed for such an information mechanism is in force “, explains Marie-Josée Montminy, publicist in the ministry.

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