A plan to synchronize the traffic lights

The City of Sherbrooke could synchronize several of its traffic lights in the coming years. She is working on a master plan for her traffic lights that will give an overview of the territory in 2019.

“We notice on the territory of the City of Sherbrooke that there is a lot of traffic lights. More than in most cities. There are fires that have been positioned in the past, probably to deal with occasional situations, which are not necessary. We want to record all the traffic lights on our territory and be able to eliminate if we are able, “explains Caroline Gravel, director of the Urban Infrastructures and Sustainable Development Department at the Ville de Sherbrooke.

“Some fires are very old. The parts of the controllers inside no longer exist. Before investing public funds to upgrade them with the new types of controllers, we want to see if there is a way to eliminate them.

“The other thing we can do is synchronize the lights. We do not have a lot of synchronization on the territory. We want to do some on the main arteries, which are King, Portland, Prospect among others. It’s a bit like living on Grande-Allée when you go to Quebec City. If you drive at 50 km / h, you catch all the green lights. We want to do the same process for our major arteries to speed up fluidity and limit greenhouse gases, because it is at start-up that we have the most greenhouse gases, “she adds.

For the moment, synchronization is active on a very short stretch of King Street and a section of Portland Boulevard.

As for signaling for the right turn at the red lights, it has already been adjusted to the priority intersections. “Following the accident that killed a downtown cyclist, we reviewed all of our priority traffic lights. We made sure right turns and pedestrian protection were correct and up to date. We improved them. We did this work for priority intersections, not for all intersections. Of course, once the master plan is done, at each intersection, we will have to ask ourselves if we have to go back to the right. ”

The master plan will also have to be adapted to the results of a pilot project carried out in collaboration with Sherbrooke Transit Corporation (STS) on King Street to make it easier for buses to get into the traffic.

The master plan for traffic lights is long overdue. “We managed to organize a more complete traffic team that allows us to move projects like this. We expect to finish in 2019, “Caroline Gravel hopes.

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