A plane passes through a hail storm in New York

Un avion traverse toute une tempête de grêle à New York

NEW YORK – A plane of Delta Airlines was forced to make an emergency landing in New York after being damaged in flight, possibly by an intense hail storm Monday evening.

The airline initially stated that the damage was the result of an impact to birds, but it was reported later that the hail could also have caused the bump giant. The formal cause of the damage has not been formally specified, but they are quite apparent.

The aircraft, an Airbus 319 advantage of West Palm Beach, was supposed to land at LaGuardia airport, in New York city but was eventually diverted to the airport John-F.-Kennedy, just to the side.

The plane, which was carrying 43 passengers, had departed 16h02, and is headed to the north for a flight that was to last two and a half hours.

The aircraft was on approach to LaGuardia airport when the storm hit. At about 3000 feet, the aircraft would be hit with a large hail, causing damage to the aircraft. It is at this time that the navigation system has had problems, reports the specialized site Simpleflying.com.

Thus the landing had to be done more quickly. The Airbus 319 has finally landed safely at 18h48.

“Flight 1076 Delta of West Palm Beach to New York-LaGuardia was diverted to New York-JFK as a precaution due to a mechanical problem. The flight landed safely and without incident and the aircraft has been examined,” said a spokesperson of the airline in the “New York Post”.

The head of antenna of 7 WABC-TV New York has also published on his Twitter account a photo of the device on the ground.

According to FlightRadar24, the aircraft was still on the ground Tuesday morning. It is a device that is in office for 18 years.

On many aircraft, including the A319, the tip of the nose of the device serves to protect the sensitive instruments involved in the navigation.

There are, among other things, the weather radar. The nose is constructed of reinforced plastic, and then protected with a paint that protects against extreme temperatures, birds, rain and hail.

The hail storm recorded above New York, however, was particularly intense. Some residents reported hail the size of a golf ball.

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