A podcast erotic about the consent that falls to the point

Un balado érotique sur le consentement qui tombe à point

The launch of a new podcast, in which a narrator tells stories erotic in which the consent occupies an important place, falls in this period where complaints of sexual misconduct abound on social networks.

Two episodes of ” Yes.e ” are already available : the first speaks of bondage, which involves tying her partner during the sexual act, and the second suggests a relationship between two women in a relationship open.

“It is necessary that people are ready to hear stories that are not regular. For the first episode, we wanted to what that clash and out of the ordinary. It was outside the norm, but it was so consensual and with listening,” says Charlie Boudreau, one of the two designers in montreal of the podcast.

It is the actress and musician Catherine, Joan Of Arc, who narrates the stories.

Call for papers

The creators have appealed to the public to collect texts that can serve as the basis for episodes of the podcast, but which will be adapted to fit with the values that wants to promote it, such as feminism, the diversity of the body and sexuality positive.

The idea is also to create an intimacy between the listener and the narrator. “We want the person who makes the narration to be like your friend who tell you an anecdote. [It is that] we want the people we share their fantasies!” says Ms. Boudreau.

With the wave of denunciations that occurs now on the social networks, Ms. Boudreau believes that such a podcast could be used to make the popular education and to bring everyone to reflect on their own behaviour.

You can find the podcast Yes.e on Facebook (facebook.com/oui.e.balado) and Instagram (@yes.e.as a podcast). We can also encourage entrepreneurs by becoming a member Patreon.

The podcast Yes.e is also available on Spotify and on Apple Podcast.

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