A polar leading!

Un polar entraînant!

The old girl of the title is in fact a mature woman as dynamic as curious, which mixes with mysterious stories. The perfect Herculine Poirotte, as she says herself !

Because of a former colleague, Catherine, library clerks on a daily basis and detective fan, its hours, is found to Lévis to see if the deaths are surprisingly Mireille Dumas, an active retiree, was indeed accidental.

At the same time, always in Lévis, a child disappears and then is found dead ; this is reminiscent of a crime of the same kind occurred two years earlier.

Seen some items that overlap in unexpected ways, Catherine is gradually immersed in a real police investigation. His partner, sergeant-detective of his state, is also mixed. The outcome will leave deep scars.

This is basically the plot of the novel The old girl and the child, and the story, in and of itself, does not miss going.

But this novel is also a curious subject for a thriller, and it is these peculiarities that make you take pleasure in, beyond the plot, in which the strings are little more than. The amateurism of Catherine is not without candor !

Nevertheless, this Catherine holds our attention. It is she who tells the story, the ” I “. And it has “Sylvester” to the family name – as Catherine Sylvester, author of the book !

In fact, it is a pseudonym assumed fully by the writer : it was chosen to differentiate his crime novels from his work of science-fiction, written under his real name, Francine Pelletier. And also, she says, for the pleasure of slipping into the skin of someone else.

This leads to other fashions of this story : it may not happen drive ! In the sense that we are constantly challenged by asides and comments that are highlighted in number of parentheses, introduced by the narrator.

And if he emerges from this process is an atmosphere of joyous mood, it is that it is accentuated by the photograph, on the back cover, genuine Catherine Sylvestre, very smiley and come to a boil friendly.

Therefore, the narrator Catherine Sylvestre may be a fictional character, one cannot help but to believe in his existence. This is why its familiarity to us, which could have been annoying, becomes an element which we attached to his adventures and his entourage, which includes a pervasive cockatiel.

The dark history that develops under our eyes is combined in this way without problem to the lighthearted tone with which it is related.

Third survey

The old girl and the child is the third survey of Catherine Sylvestre. But the books can be read separately since each volume has an independent history and is familiar with the characteristics of the character.

Moreover, the author Catherine Sylvester is already planning another adventure for its namesake paper. Lovers of dark novels, the intrigues, complex will pass, but those who simply want to investigate a good company will appreciate it !

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