A political consensus of a rare magnitude

“A consensus between the three levels of government, municipal, provincial and federal, is not an easy task, it is practically something that has never been done with this scale! ”
The e MPP for the riding of Mégantic, Ghislain Bolduc, will leave politics in November, leaving behind him the confirmation that Lac-Mégantic has its rail bypass hoped.

“Without a doubt, it’s important, in my political will, because it’s a very difficult issue to move railroads, it’s not done. It seems banal, but it is fundamental, it goes in the opposite direction of the tradition for an exceptional situation, because of the city here which has suffered so much “, he reacted, Friday, a few minutes after having participated to the announcement alongside Prime Ministers Justin Trudeau and Philippe Couillard.

“It reminds me of John F. Kennedy, who said in 1962: ” Before the late 1960s, we will send a man to the moon! “I do not want to take credit alone because the entire community in Canada has asked for the bypass. It’s even international. The Lac-Mégantic tragedy has been an incredible showcase because of the extraordinary situation. And she asked for an extraordinary solution. ”

Mr. Bolduc still discussed other important elements that could be part of his political legacy.

“There was the CHSLD in East Angus and the one announced soon, the new CHSLD Lac-Mégantic, near the hospital. And there are other files, I think of a set of small files that is also part of the daily work, which should not be minimized, from what people tell us and what they think. It’s our food that drives society forward. They are part of my legacy and we can not separate them all. Society wanted the bypass, I am very comfortable when the population supports me, it is much easier to defend things in Quebec. ”

A unifying role

Although it sits in the Opposition, the Conservative MP for Mégantic-Luc Berthold, can boast about it to have played a unifying role in this.

“It took the work of everyone since 2015 to reach a consensus. With the coming to Lac-Mégantic from the non-partisan Standing Committee on Transport, we had to be on the same wavelength to seek support from the Official Opposition, with Rona Ambrose and subsequently Andrew Scheer, and not not become an obstacle to the government, “admits Mr. Berthold.

“We will continue to monitor, although we agree with the bypass project. We put pressure because it was not always as fast as we would have liked. Officials are waiting for announcements to get to work. We will accompany the people of Lac-Mégantic, Nantes and Frontenac, and especially those who will be affected by the route, so that they are treated appropriately by the government during the expropriation, that there is not too much loss of market value of their property. But that’s good news today. It will be a good thing for the BAPE to hold hearings to decide on the final route chosen, concerning, among other things, environmental impacts. ”

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