A popular American remedy weed control causes cancer (photo)

Популярное американское средство по борьбе с сорняками вызывает рак (фото)

On Friday, August 10, the court in California handed down an unprecedented decision in the case of 46-year-old gardener. In 2014, Dewayne Johnson was diagnosed with lymphoma. Experts say that cancer was caused by a popular tool for weed control Roundup, which produces large chemical company Monsanto.

The tool turned out to contain a prohibited substance glyphosate. The world health organization (who) believes that it causes cancer in humans.

Johnson worked for many years as a gardener in one of the California schools. He almost every day sprayed the school with the garden Roundup. Gradually the state of health of Dewayne began to deteriorate. When he went to the doctors, it was too late. According to doctors, he was the life of a few weeks.

Популярное американское средство по борьбе с сорняками вызывает рак (фото)

It looks like not only the hand of Dewayne Johnson, but his whole body

The case was considered by the jury. They unanimously came to the conclusion that the responsibility for the deadly disease Johnson carries Monsanto. The company is obliged to pay Devano 289 million dollars as a penalty and compensation for damage to health.

Lawyers for Monsanto, said that the appeal against the decision of the court. The appeal defers the payment of the money owed to Johnson. He just may not live to see the day when the company will deign to pay them!

Популярное американское средство по борьбе с сорняками вызывает рак (фото)

Attorney Johnson has unearthed documents proving the guilt of the company

Dewan appealed to the court with a request to expedite payment. “I have two children. My wife works seven days a week 14 hours a day on two jobs to feed them and pay for my meds. We need the money. I’m not going to take away all those millions. We talked to the wife and decided to set up a charity Fund, which will develop new methods of bone marrow transplantation. Many people helped us, prayed for us. I think their kindness was the main reason I’m still alive. And I also want to make someone welcome”, — said Johnson.

Популярное американское средство по борьбе с сорняками вызывает рак (фото)

Of Johnson’s two sons grow

According to Western media reports, in the interests of the company to pay the money. The court’s decision was influenced by documents recently filed by the lawyer of Johnson. One of them becomes it is evident that Monsanto knew about glyphosate, but continued for decades to use substance in the manufacture of Roundup.

Популярное американское средство по борьбе с сорняками вызывает рак (фото)

Devan Johnson and his wife decided a big part of the compensation to donate to charity

The case of Dewayne Johnson set a precedent, which can cause the appearance of thousands of the same complaints from other patients. And then Monsanto really not be good. By the way, the company has recently acquired the international Bayer group, which is headquartered in Germany. And this story casts a shadow on the reputation of the whole group.

The case was considered by the court in San Francisco. Judge Suzanne Ramos Bolanos stated that he had appointed such a large fine and compensation, because the actions of Monsanto obvious malice.

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