A possible second chance for the Sherbrooke CVA

A possible second chance for the Sherbrooke CVA


After receiving calls from contractors demanding the reconstruction of the Food Valorization Center (CVA) in Sherbrooke, the owner is now considering rebuilding the whole thing, three months after the explosion that had pulverized the building.

The Food Valorization Center, located on Bourque Boulevard in Sherbrooke, was 24,000 square feet at the time. Since the explosion three months ago, the owner and founder of the center, Ashley Wallis, says he has received several calls from contractors who once occupied the premises. They are demanding that he rebuild the building.

Discussions are underway with various levels of government to obtain financial assistance, said Mr. Wallis.

It is that the file with its insurers is still not settled. The Standards Commission on Equity, Health and Safety at Work (CNESST) gave him the green light to proceed with the demolition of the facilities still standing. He is only waiting for the permit from the City.

The reconstruction could however take a few years.

In the meantime, Mr. Wallis, owner of the company VERTige urban farm, has taken over the production of organic shoots at a competitor, Jardins Picoudi in Sorel.

In addition, it has just signed an agreement with Métro. Its products will therefore be on sale within a few days in nearly 120 branches.

But it is not the only one to have had to temporarily renew itself since the events of March 23, 2022.

About half of the companies have had to relocate to continue their activities.

Massimo Conti, owner of Naturellement Pasta and associated with the owners of Fumoir Smokehouse Urbain, which has already been established at the CVA, has decided to move its production to the premises of their bistro-grocery which will open its doors in a few weeks, in Orford.

The company will be called “Pasta et Fumo” and will offer Quebec-Italian products.