A pregnant woman narrowly saved by her smartwatch

Pregnant woman narrowly saved by smartwatch


A 22-week-pregnant woman who suffered from blood clots in her lungs avoided the worst thanks to her smartwatch, which alerted her when her resting heart rate became abnormally high.</strong > 

“I was really tired and out of breath, but I expected that with my second pregnancy. Climbing the stairs to my flat, I had trouble breathing,” said Rebecca McManus, 24, in an interview with the Daily Record on Thursday.

Suffering from Asthma and 22 weeks pregnant, the young mother from Clydebank, near Glasgow, Scotland, had not reported her symptoms by the end of April. These details need to be sent to a medical clinic for women to give a prevention and make sure that the baby is safe inside the tummy.

But while sitting on her couch, the young woman was notified by her Apple smartwatch that her heart rate had reached more than 140 beats per minute (BPM) for at least 10 minutes, as if she was breaking down. train, she continued.

At rest, an adult’s heart rate is usually between 60 and 100 BPM, the English-language media reported, based on data from the National System (NHS).

“I couldn’t believe it until I woke up and felt dizzy. My heart rate went up to 154 BPM,” she added.

She was soon taken to the hospital, where doctors performed some tests before sending her home, telling her that the symptoms were being produced by the baby, which was supposedly pushing on her diaphragm.

But seeing her heart rate accelerate further in the following days, the Scot returned to hospital, where new tests revealed two life-threatening blood clots in her lungs.

Grateful for her watch intelligent, without which she “would not have realized the danger” which awaited her, the woman nevertheless plans to file a formal complaint against the NHS of Greater Glasgow and Clyde, she added, furious, to Daily Record.

“It saved my life, she continued to the English media. It’s ridiculous that I was sent home being told I was “just pregnant”. I could have died in a few months thinking my symptoms were just my pregnancy. One blood clot can be fatal, and I was walking around with two.”