A prescription life-threatening

Une prescription menace sa vie

A young woman of 19 years has been in hospital for two months, unable to move and speak after a thrombosis caused by the contraceptive pill.

“My daughter is lying down, a prisoner of his own body,” drops Stéphane St-Pierre.

His daughter Lydia fighting for her life since the 8th of may at the Hôpital de l’enfant-Jesus, Quebec city, following a thrombosis. It would have been caused by the combination of a hereditary disease that was not diagnosed and the taking of the contraceptive pill, according to doctors.

“It is stressful,” adds the father of six children in Saint-Frédéric, Beauce.

Towards the end of the month of April, Lydia starts to feel very sick.

“She complained of headaches, says Mr. St-Pierre. She has passed plenty of tests in Thetford Mines to finally be told that she had a mononucleosis viral. “

But on the morning of 7 may, his condition deteriorates. She vomits, it meant trouble and seems to be very low. His parents don’t take any risk and send it to the ambulance emergency.

In a drug-induced coma

A few hours later, the phone rings. The doctor warns Mr. St-Pierre that his daughter must be quickly transferred to Quebec.

“She had urinated on the floor, she was confused. He believes that it was a mass in the brain, venous thrombosis or a STROKE, ” he said.

The doctor then put in an induced coma.

“She had blood clots all over the head until his neck “, the breath of the father.

On may 11, the phone rings again in the middle of the night. Lydia must be done to operate emergency otherwise she will die.

“It was clogged to the size. His brain was so swollen that they had to remove a section of his skull “, he says.

The doctors then confirmed to the family that the young woman suffers from a deficiency of protein C, a molecule that prevents the formation of clots in the blood,

This rare hereditary condition “is well known to increase very significantly the risk of thrombosis,” recalls Martin A. Champagne, president of the medical Association of hematologists and oncologists of Quebec .

And when the deficiency of protein is conjugated with the estrogen contained in the contraceptive pill, which promotes the coagulation of the blood, the risk is multiplied.

“A woman between 20 and 40 years has one chance over 10 000 to thrombosis, explains Dr. Catherine Taillefer, a gynecologist at CHU Sainte-Justine. If she suffers from a deficit in protein C and takes the pill, the risk is between 1 in 100 and 1 in 1000. “

Why ?

The St-Pierre are still asking today how the contraceptive pill could be prescribed to Lydia (see other text).

Still hospitalized, she is out of the coma, but remains almost silent and still.

“A doctor told us that she would be a vegetable, but others say that a young brain can return to 100 % “, if ” sad ” Mr. St-Pierre.

“Like candy”

Like his brother Bryan, Lydia St-Pierre is suffering from a thromboembolic disease, and therefore a predisposition to clots.

However, the pill also promotes coagulation.

It is a contraceptive popular, effective, but one of the known complications […] is that they increase the risk of thrombosis, ” recalls Dr. Catherine Taillefer.

Despite the family history, no test has been done prior to prescribing the contraceptive pill. Her father laments that she be given ” like candy “.

“When a physician prescribes oral contraceptives, he must understand the family history,” says Dr. Sylvie Desmarais, internist of the Hospital Pierre-Boucher.

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