A prestigious award for Gary Bettman

A prestigious award for Gary Bettman


National Hockey League (NHL) Commissioner Gary Bettman was honored by Sports Business Daily with the Lifetime Achievement Award during the edition published on Monday. 

The 70-year-old will be honored at a ceremony on May 24 in New York City.

“Since his first [ agreement] for media rights made the cover of the first edition of the Sports Business Daily in 1994, Gary Bettman is a staple of our pages and an immensely influential figure in our industry,” said Abraham Madkour, publisher and editor of Chief Publishing Officer.

“His willingness to think big, take risks and stick to his principles has solidified the NHL as an important property in the global sports landscape and positioned the League to continue to do well in the future.”

During his 30 years at the helm of the NHL, Bettman has allowed the circuit to significantly increase revenues, which are not ranged from $400 million to $5.2 billion. Eight teams have also joined the group.

Its career has been marked by three labor disputes, including one, in 2004-2005, which forced the complete cancellation of a season.