A priest breaks the rules of the public health

Un curé brise les règles de la santé publique

Judging that it was safe and disappointed by the government’s attitude to the place of the christian community, a parish priest of Quebec has admitted about 150 people at her church Sunday morning.

In several churches in Quebec, the faithful were able to attend in person for the first time in more than three months, at Sunday mass, but in many places, the entrance had to be denied to believers in order to comply with the safety instructions.

They prohibit the raising interiors of more than 50 people, whoever they are.

However, approximately 150 people were able to enter into the church of Saints-Martyrs-Canadians, in the Montcalm district. The abbé Pierre Gingras, parish priest of the parish of Saint-Jean-Baptiste, said that, in fact, there were ” three groups of 50 people “. These groups were at the same time in the church, but in different sections.

Not bothered

“It is a church that holds 1000 seats, so that’s why it doesn’t bother me too much, too much, then I will not do gimmicks to keep people coming to mass on Sunday “, he says.

According to him, “people were […] very respectful of the two meters” and the social distancing was more easy to observe that in some shopping centres.

In the church of the rue Père-Marquette, only a bench on three is available. It is necessary to wash hands to enter. Volunteers keep a record of attendance and assign it to the benches. After the ceremony, the church is cleaned up.

“Even at 150 people, we don’t touch, it did not stick and they don’t talk. Most people were masked and even to us, to give the communion, we were hidden, then it has complied with all the protocols, ” says the abbé Gingras, in an interview with The Journal.


The parish priest adds that he did not appreciate that places of worship are among the last places to be déconfinés.

“There is no more stupid because we are christians, and have been treated [in a manner] as contemptuous by the government, [to]be reduced to the last in the line, it, it annoys me, because the 400-year history that it has had, it is still the Church that has made “, lance-t-il.

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