A project of-court settlement rejected for complaints to the civil against Weinstein

Un projet de règlement à l’amiable rejeté pour les plaintes au civil contre Weinstein

A federal judge in new york has rejected on Tuesday a draft agreement that would put an end to the complaints in the civil against Harvey Weinstein and his former production company, including the establishment of a compensation fund for the women he would have attacked while they were working for him.

The draft agreement, which notably proposed to create a fund with nearly $ 19 million, was announced on the 1st of July by the prosecutor of the State of New York, which had been validated.

It should put an end to a legal action collectively as well as a complaint filed in February 2018 by the office of the prosecutor in New York against the former magnate of Hollywood, is accused of demanding sexual favors to some employees, with the complicity of his company, The Weinstein Company, which he ran with his brother Bob.

In a decision after a hearing Tuesday, judge Alvin Hellerstein rejected the draft agreement, that several of the alleged victims of Harvey Weinstein challenged.

The lawyers, Douglas Wigdor and Kevin Mintzer, who represents several of them, were ” satisfied that the judge Hellerstein has quickly rejected this proposal one-sided “.

John Clune, a lawyer for another alleged victim, also rejoiced on Twitter that the judge has considered that the draft agreement was ” not suited to an action under the collective name “.

While some victims perceived the former producer had welcomed the draft agreement, these lawyers argued that Harvey Weinstein not accept any responsibility for his actions, and that it would not contribute financially to the fund, fed by the insurance companies of the producer and his company.

They deplored the fact that victims who would reject a compensation through this fund will be prevented from carrying on the insurance companies, since the draft agreement free of any obligation.

Several agreements are negotiated between lawyers to settle a series of lawsuits filed in civil litigation in the wake of the case of Weinstein, who was busted in October 2017 and gave birth to the movement #MeToo, movement of denunciation of sexual assaults often go unpunished, perpetrated by men of power.

Accused of sexual assault and harassment by a hundred women, Harvey Weinstein, 68, was found guilty in February of rape and sexual assault by a jury in new york city.

He is currently serving a sentence of 23 years in prison.

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