A project of the monument to Armand Vaillancourt

Un projet de monument pour Armand Vaillancourt

The talkative and extravagant quebec sculptor Armand Vaillancourt, was on a visit to Mirabel to ask the help of the governments for the construction of a monument in honor of the expropriated and to present the project.

Mr. Vaillancourt has planned a monument, a 97-foot-high (29,56 m), to represent the 97 000 ares, which is expected to cost $ 5 million. The amount represents only the number of materials since he does it for free. People who attend will be able to climb in.

The artist, 91-year-old was happy to help $ 400 million, disbursed in Quebec in the beginning of the week.

“Governments must fund our project for a monument to the expropriated because it is heavy with meaning for many families. This is in memory of our farmers have been expropriated for nothing by the federal government for the construction of the airport Mirabel “, has launched the artist-painter.

“I hope that Ottawa is also funding our project. It is Ottawa that has expropriated these people for nothing, ” he said.

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