A protester has appeared in court in Montreal

Un manifestant a comparu à Montréal

Only one of the 11 people arrested during the peaceful protest turned into looting on Sunday night appeared held, Monday.

Alexandre Bélanger has been accused of having hurled objects towards police officers, without, however, reaching them.

The 24-year-old appeared by telephone yesterday at the Montréal courthouse to face charges of assault and armed against two police officers. No criminal history, he seemed a little confused at the brief hearing Monday.

“I don’t understand “, he candidly said when the Crown has read the conditions in order for it to be released on bail.

“I can’t breathe “

According to our information, Belanger was arrested Sunday when thousands of people were demonstrating in the streets of Montreal.

Possibly intoxicated, Alexandre Bélanger would have hurled objects towards police officers, including a trash bag and a cardboard box.

It would not have been able to achieve, but the young man was quickly tackled to the ground by members of the forces of the order.

“I can’t breathe! [I can’t breathe], ” he reportedly told the officer who stopped him, before being identified and placed under arrest.

This phrase is the same one that pronounced the Afro-American George Floyd just before dying under the knee of a police officer when he was arrested in Minnesota last week, causing an outbreak of violence in the United States.

two events in a

Sunday’s demonstration in Montreal was also in the lineage.

“Yesterday [Sunday], we had two events,” said the inspector André Durocher, of the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal. We had a peaceful demonstration and what we call our “subscribers” of the protests, those who are intoxicated. It’s always the same at each event. “

Belanger will return to the court in July. By then, it will be forbidden to consume the drug, as well as possessing weapons. Other arrests could take place soon.

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