A psychiatrist who has evaluated Ugo Fredette is in favour of cumulative sentences

The psychiatrist Gilles Chamberland, who evaluated Ugo Fredette, be said in favour of cumulation of sentences and a sentence of 50 years in prison for the murderer.

In an interview with the show Dutrizac, Dr. Chamberland explained that the personality of Fredette made sure that he does not feel remorse in the face of his crimes.

Remember that Ugo Fredette was convicted of the premeditated murder of his wife Veronica Beard, and the murder of Yvon Lacasse, a man of 71 years that he did not know.

Making the distinction with the mental illness, the psychiatrist has described Ugo Fredette as a be suffering from a disorder of narcissistic personality.

Before committing his murders, Fredette had behaviour problems with his entourage, the characteristics of this personality type, has been reported to the psychiatrist.

According to him, the second killing of Fredette indicates that there would probably be no problem to make any more.

To LISTEN the Dr Gilles Chamberland, a psychiatrist at the national Institute of legal psychiatry, Philippe Pinel, on QUB radio:

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