A pump track to complete the sporting offer on Chemin du Bourdilhan in Bagnols-sur-Cèze

A pump track to complete the sporting offer on Chemin du Bourdilhan in Bagnols-sur-Cèze

Le maire de Bagnols Jean-Yves Chapelet, avec les conseillers municipaux Carine Boissel et Ali Ouatizerga sur le site du futur pumptrack.

Un complexe sportif se dessine peu à peu à côté du stade du Bosquet à Bagnols-sur-Cèze. Un pumptrack, projet du conseil municipal des jeunes, est en construction.

The earthworks have been completed to accommodate the future pumptrack, located on previously fallow land on Chemin du Bourdilhan, which should emerge before summer. BMX or mountain bike enthusiasts will be able to take on two two-level tracks – blue and red –, whose coated surface  will be 700 m2.

This equipment completes the sports offering in this area of ​​the city, next to the Bosquet stadium, where three multi-sports fields are almost completed – convertible into a field for bowling games – and a play area for children. All enhanced with a picnic area to provide a friendly space for families.

A development costing 550,000 euros including 191,000 euros for the pumptrack

"The entire development has a total cost of 550 000 euros including 191 000 euros for the pump track, for which we received a subsidy of 30,000 euros"underlines Carine Boissel, municipal councilor responsible for children and youth, who recalls that "the pumptrack is a project of the former municipal youth council. The new elected officials of the CMJ will follow the work, receive… it’s an educational project to show them what to do when you want to build something".

"Apart from the pumptrack part, we are in a flood zone, we do not lose land&quot ; specifies the mayor of Bagnols Jean-Yves Chapelet. "We held a consultation meeting with local residents, and they were positive".

A company specializing in pump tracks and skateparks

The design and construction of this pumptrack were entrusted to the company E2S company, based in L’ Slate. "We specialize in the construction of pump tracks and skate parks. We also trace mountain bike trails. We do it throughout France and we even have an agency in Reunion" explains Henrik Martijn, general director of the company. "In our team, there are practitioners, some of high level". Enthusiasts who know the pleasure of turns on the slopes.

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