A Quebec invention in the NHL

A Quebec invention in the NHL


Two Quebecers from the Lévis region have developed an advanced statistics program for the goaltenders of a local team, but their invention has caught the eye… even in the NHL! 

Ugo Bélanger and Jonathan Deschenes worked in 2017 for the Lévis Knights, a team playing in the Midget AAA.

The two men were looking for a way to better evaluate the performance of the team's goalkeepers.

Those who play in front of the net are often evaluated on the save percentage, but for them this evaluation criterion was not sufficient .

Since then, their new program, called PASS, has made it possible to evaluate new elements, such as the origin of the shots and the number of shots.

A program that draws attention

A few years later, Deschenes and Bélanger were approached by the goaltending coach of the Minneso Wild farm club ta, who was seduced by their software.

This coach finally decided to buy the program from the two Quebecers to provide it to both the school club and the NHL team.

Ugo Bélanger explains the success of his invention.

“It was word of mouth. I received an email from a coach of a professional team in Switzerland. He bought the model two years ago,” says Mr. Bélanger.

Jonathan Deschenes points out that his program is now used by other NHL teams.

“ To see that it is used at the moment (…) I still find it impressive, “he believes.