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A Quebecer did not hesitate to wait 14 hours in line to pay tribute to Elizabeth II

A Quebecer did not hesitate to wait 2 p.m. lined up to pay homage to Elizabeth II


A Quebecer passionate about Queen Elizabeth II waited in line for 14 hours to solemnly pay homage to this monarchical symbol that he has followed with admiration for fifteen years. < /p>

“The first day, when she died, I was a little in mourning, it's as if I had lost my grandmother”, illustrates Pierre-Olivier Simard.

The resident of Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean did not hesitate to fly with her partner to England when the 96-year-old monarch took her last breath after seven decades of reign.

Mr. Simard has been interested in Elizabeth II since he made her the subject of an oral presentation in elementary school.

The real estate broker says he is passionate about the Queen's journey, both because she inherited the throne after her uncle's abdication, and because two days before her death she wanted to meet the new Prime Minister British, Liz Truss.

“I have been following […] her agenda for more than 15 years, what does she do, who she meets”, he underlines .

Unique atmosphere

A sign warned citizens that the waiting time was over 14 hours.

Thus, Mr. Simard savors the unique atmosphere that currently inhabits London and which leads thousands of people to the Queen's resting place.

“Everything is done with respect, people are there to gather. We talk to the people around us, and what's nice to see is that there are as many 10-year-olds as 80-year-olds who have reduced mobility,” he says. /p>

Once you arrive at Westminster Hall, the equivalent of the House of Commons, in Ottawa, “your legs hurt, you're a little bent, and all that is forgotten,” he says, emphasizing the imposing silence that reigns over the place.

During this highly solemn ceremony, supervised by many guards, visitors can, for about ten seconds, meditate with the deceased.< /p>

“It's very short, but it's really strong. You have the queen who is a few feet from you, her coffin, the flag above and the imperial crown which is there”, he explains.

Public bath for Charles III

Prince William sowed joy among several admirers during a walkabout on Saturday.

And as a sea of ​​people stretched for miles on Saturday, King Charles III and his heir, Prince William, enjoyed a surprise walkabout. The waiting time to reach Westminster Hall then exceeded 16 hours. 

In the evening, the Queen's eight grandchildren gathered for a vigil for the coffin of the deceased. < /p>

– With AFP

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, his wife Sophie Grégoireand the rest of the delegation are in London to attend the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, which takes place on Monday.

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