A Quebecer stranded in Africa because of Omicron

A Quebecker blocked in Africa because of Omicron /></p><p> MISE & Agrave; DAY</p><p> <strong> An aid worker from Sherbrooke leads a real obstacle course to leave South Africa after all his flights have been canceled for a month, he who is also without news from the Canadian embassy. </strong></p><p> “It's a shame. I'm supposed to be home since the start of the month, but I'm still stuck here over the holidays. I was expecting at least one response from the Canadian Embassy in South Africa, but no one is responding, “deplores Joël Dagenais, 23. & Nbsp;</p><p>The Sherbrooke resident left on a humanitarian trip in mid-November to help the underprivileged in South Africa with the organization Jeunesse En Mission. & Nbsp;</p><p> He was due to return on December 1, but his flight was canceled due to the new Omicron variant. & nbsp;</p><p> History repeated itself on December 11. For the second time, his theft did not take place. & Nbsp;</p><p>“Nobody expects that when they go abroad. Suddenly, all flights back to Quebec were canceled. It was then that I called for help from my family. I had no idea what was going to happen, ”says Mr. Dagenais. & Nbsp;</p><p> Remember that Ottawa blocked the entry of travelers from several countries last November due to from Omicron. Since then, there has been no direct flight between South Africa and Canada. & Nbsp;</p><p> <strong> Contaminated and homeless </strong> & nbsp;</p><p> Trapped with these new measures, the young man was not at the end of his troubles. He eventually contracted COVID-19 in mid-December, even though he received two doses of the vaccine.</p><p>“I didn't know where to go at the time or what to do. You can't walk into a hotel and say you have COVID in here. I found myself truly homeless. I stayed positive and a lady who was too kind offered me accommodation by a miracle, “says Joël Dagenais. & Nbsp;</p><p> Joël Dagenais during his confinement in South Africa in mid-December.</p><p> The aid worker at least managed to contact a Canadian government employee in Ottawa during his quarantine. & nbsp;</p><p>He will eventually have to take a Lufthansa flight from Johannesburg or Cape Town to Frankfurt, Germany. Then he can take a direct flight to Canada. & Nbsp;</p><script async=

“The only problem is that they only accept the evidence from the PCR tests and I only did the antigen test.” I'm going to get tested ASAP and I'm crossing my fingers to be negative. Otherwise, I will have to wait another 14 days before traveling, ”he breathes.

Anne-Marie Dagenais, Joël's mother, recalls that the situation linked to the pandemic was stable before her son left in mid-November. & Nbsp;

“There was nothing when he left. The rules change so quickly. In addition, his car is at the Montreal airport. It's going to cost a fortune. Are they going to make him stay in a hotel? There, it will still generate costs. At least he's keeping his spirits up, but we can't wait to see him again, “worries Ms. Dagenais.

Alone for the Holidays & nbsp;

Rachel Audet, the young man's fiancée, is rather disappointed that her lover is left alone for the holidays, but she remains confident.

The aid worker and his fiancée Rachel Audet. The latter impatiently awaits the return of her lover to Sherbrooke.

“I just hope he comes back soon. We were especially surprised at the lack of help from airlines, including Air Canada. I understand the health restrictions, this is normal. On the other hand, we could have better helped people stranded abroad like Joël ”, she denounces.

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