A Quebecer witnessed the feat achieved by Sarah Fuller

A Quebecer witnessed the feat achieved by Sarah Fuller

Sarah Fuller turned a page of history at the end of November by becoming the first woman to appear in an NCAA Power 5 football game with Vanderbilt University, but what few people know is is that she has a Quebec teammate on the women’s soccer team.

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Let’s face it, Sarah Fuller is a goaltender with the Vanderbilt University women’s soccer team which is located in Nashville, Tennessee. She kicked off the second half in a game against the University of Missouri.

A Quebecer witnessed the feat achieved by Sarah Fuller

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Sarah Fuller became the first woman to play in an NCAA Power 5 football game.

Montrealer Sophie Guilmette, who is also a goaltender, experienced this game nervously while watching her teammate on TV.

“For us, it’s a huge sense of pride to know that a girl on our team has had such a big impact around the world,” she said in a phone conversation.

“It was a tough game to watch, it was the team’s worst game of the year. We would have liked that she could score a placement. “

Indeed, let’s say that the context was not ideal. The Commodores haven’t won a single of their eight games this season and the one against Missouri, they lost 41-0.

Only resource

For anyone who thinks Sarah Fuller’s presence was a publicity stunt for the Vanderbilt Commodores, Sophie Guilmette made a point of setting the record straight.

The football team was experiencing staffing issues due to COVID-19 and was strapped for resources.

“It’s boring to see that there have been negative comments. They could have picked up a student who has practiced with them before, but everyone was gone.

“Women soccer players were really the only resource they had access to. “

Because it must be specified, all this took place during the Thanksgiving weekend and the students had all gone home where they must finish their university session.


Guilmette, who is a sophomore, has known Sarah Fuller for two years and has nothing but good words for her teammate.

“She’s the kind of person who accepts any challenge that comes along, she has a lot of confidence. “

She is therefore not surprised that the Texan has accepted the offer of the football team.

The Montrealer also specifies that Fuller fully deserved this unique opportunity that presented itself to her.

“She didn’t play during her college years except this year, it wasn’t always easy for her, she well deserves it. “

Indeed, Sarah Fuller played 9 minutes in 2018-2019 and 11 minutes in 2019-2020.

This year, after watching Guilmette start the first three games of the season, the fourth-year student finally got the job of starting goalie.

So it’s not just a pat on the back that she received while participating in this football match, but also recognition of all her efforts over the past four years.

To Vanderbilt through chance

Sophie Guilmette ended up at Vanderbilt University somewhat by accident.

“I played for the national team in U15 and U17 and I had camps in Vancouver. An assistant coach from Vanderbilt came to see a teammate (Maya Antoine) and they recruited me.

“They didn’t need a babysitter for my age group so I have a partial scholarship which helps me a lot. The amount is variable each year. “

Let’s say it’s an investment in her future since a year at Vanderbilt costs around US $ 76,000 for a foreign student if you include residency and food plan.

Good season

If the football team is having an atrocious year, it is different for the women’s soccer team, which has a record of eight wins and four losses.

The girls mostly won the SEC Conference Championship, one of the strongest in the NCAA.

“There was no national championship, it is postponed until the spring. We are one of the only conferences that played in the fall, the others will play in the spring. “

Let’s say the situation has not been easy due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We were supposed to start in August, but it only resumed in mid-September. We were tested three times a week, we had to stay in our bubble, it takes a lot of financial resources and not all universities can afford it. “


Sophie Guilmette did not play last year due to injury, but she had her chance this year by entering the first three games of the season.

“My performances weren’t there yet, there was a lot of pressure and it’s Sarah [Fuller] who took over. “

She now aims to become the titular goalie in 2021 as she enters her third year.

As for the academic side, she is studying at the School of Arts and Sciences and does not yet know what she wants to do, but maintains that she is hesitating between physiotherapy or kinesiology.

And while life in Vanderbilt is expensive, she doesn’t regret her choice at all.

“I really like the school, it’s very strong academically and in the field. It is a school that has resources. “

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