A quebecois film on Amazon Prime

Un film québécois sur Amazon Prime

Nearly four years after its release in theatres in Québec, the québec film Generation Wolf will be entitled to a second life at the international level. The suspense of the actor and director Christian de la Cortina can be seen everywhere in the world as of this summer, on the platform of viewing online Amazon Prime.

Generation Wolf, second feature film by Christian de la Cortina as director (after Transit), is already available in Canada on Amazon Prime for about two weeks. It will be available soon in the United States, in Latin America and in several countries in Asia.

“It has been a long process of negotiations, but it worked finally” welcomed Christian de la Cortina during a telephone interview granted to the Newspaper on Tuesday morning.

“It took us two years to get the contract for world distribution. This is great because it will give our film a window on the world. We are very happy with it. It is sure that they will have to do promotion for people interested in the film. But it works well up to now. People to Amazon Prime tell us that they receive good feedback on the film. ”


Generation Wolf was shot with a limited budget (about $ 350,000) in the city of Bromont, where to live, Christian de la Cortina. The director who also plays the lead role of the film has sought the assistance of several neighbors and family members to successfully produce the film with the means of the board : “We really had a great collaboration of the people of my city. We used my house to shoot some scenes and we had car-free for the shoot. The true budget of the film would have had to turn around$ 1.2 Million, ” notes Christian de la Cortina.

In Generation Wolf, Christian de la Cortina slips into the skin of a young entrepreneur who has the bad idea to start growing marijuana to save his enterprise that turns old cars into electric cars of luxury.

“The idea of Generation Wolf came to me shortly after I shot my first feature film [Transit], “he says. I had no money to shoot the film, and there were people in the community, shady who had offered me the sub. I had refused. But I was asked the question by the following : what happens when you accept the help of those people ? This question has inspired me for the plot of Generation Wolf. “

The actor and director of the original chilean is currently working on a few other film projects, including a suspense-eco-friendly. As an actor, he has also recently taken over the filming of the series in 5th place.

“It is sure that it is special to turn with all the health measures, but it is going well,” says the actor also known for his role in the tv series O. It takes some getting used to the idea of surrender his mask after filming each scene. It is complex, but it’s okay. It was important to find a way to get back into shooting. “

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