A rather cold start to the week

A rather freezing start to the week


After the warmth of Sunday afternoon, the start of the week will be very cold in Quebec, with perceived temperatures varying between -20 ° C and -30 ° C.

If a mixture of low precipitation, consisting of rain and snow, is expected in Montreal on Sunday afternoon, cold weather will mark the start of the week.

The thermometer should indicate around -12 ° C during the day on Monday, but the temperature felt should be -20 ° C. The next day promises to be even colder with -21 ° C during the day and a felt temperature of -30 ° C.

Despite the freezing weather, the sun will be there, while the duration Sunshine is expected to reach 5 a.m. and 8 a.m. respectively, Monday and Tuesday.

From Wednesday, the weather will be slightly milder until Sunday, with temperatures varying between -6 ° C and -13 ° C.

However, Montrealers can feel a significant difference in cold, particularly Thursday and Sunday.

A few centimeters of snow are expected in the metropolis during the end next week, approximately 5 cm on Saturday and 1 cm on Sunday.

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