A “real” first solo show for Pierre-Luc Pomerleau

“The return of the young salesman after 13 years of absence! Wrote Pierre-Luc Pomerleau on his Facebook page. Indeed, in 2005, the comedian presented his very first one-man-show at the Vieux Clocher de Magog, where he worked as a trader at the time. On Saturday, May 19, he returns with his “real” first solo show, armed with his 34 years and humor carefully regulated. But the fact that this first baby stage comes eight years after Pierre-Luc had graduated from the National School of Humor (ENH) reflects above all its perfectionism.
“I decided to do more stage longer, to have a show for my taste and is the most run in as possible. I like it when things are fixed. When I do the first parts of François Bellefeuille, I rode blocks of 4 to 7 minutes. Afterwards, I write and just keep what is really better, which is effective. Then I change the words, I find the good turn of phrase. It’s surgical. Me, I’m like that, “says the original Magogois.

In addition to having warmed beyond 400 crowds for Bellefeuille, Pierre-Luc has reworked his equipment for 70 more nights. “I also had a lot of comedy nights. It’s a nice gateway to try new material, “he adds.

With his humor, Pierre-Luc Pomerleau says that it concerns everyone, he puts on shared referents. “It revolves around what I live. I am inspired by my daily life. I do not reinvent the wheel. I do not arrive with a completely different style, out of the ordinary, but I find an angle that is mine and we can not see elsewhere. ”

If the show is currently untitled, it is not because the content is missing. “I’m having trouble putting a title, because it’s a bunch of stuff, but it’s coming. It’s good, “says the man who had so many gags in the bank that he had to postpone to his second show.

The accounting picasso

Pierre-Luc Pomerleau was predestined to humor; he performed for pleasure whenever he could, as at Cégeps performing or at 5-8 at the Université de Sherbrooke. Still, he’s got a bachelor’s degree in accounting. One day, during an oral presentation in his human resources course, he let the comic prevail over the professional, provoking general hilarity.

“The teacher told me one of the most beautiful comments I’ve had in my life. First, he told my colleagues, “Do you realize how lucky you are to have this guy on your team?” He turned to me and said, “What are you doing? what are you doing here? It’s like preventing Picasso from painting. ”

One of his best friends, who was sitting in the classroom, later urged Pierre-Luc to do something of his potential and participate in humor contests. “I told him,” Find me a contest, and I’ll do it. “The next day, it happened to me with the Dégelis Springboard. I said, “Fine, we do it.” ”

He walked away from DeGelis empty-handed, but he was lucky enough to meet a lot of people from the show business, including JiCi Lauzon, Yvon Deschamps, and Judy Richard. He will always remember what the latter has thrown at him. “She said to me,” You really have talent, it’s not because you did not win a competition that you will not succeed. On the contrary, it is often those who do not win who break through, “says Pierre-Luc.

To learn

“One thing brings another into life. Often, young people ask me what is it, my advice, if you do humor. All the opportunities that you have to go on stage, you have to take them. Because even if it’s a rotten show , you have not been good, you’re learning from that. You have to be humorous to be better, “says the man who, after his baccalaureate, did business shows while he worked as an accountant for the family business.

In 2010, he finished his studies at the National School of Humor (ENH), already coveted in the field. It was also there that he met his great friend François De Grandpré, with whom he co-wrote his show. He was later seen in Just For Laughs Galas, including his ladybug figure or “Kit Kat” number. Afterwards, it was his deep malaise and those of his three acolytes who amused Quebec on the show Jokers , broadcast on V TV for three seasons.

Since 2013, he has relied on his passion for the stage and is still raking Quebec as François Bellefeuille’s first actor. The complicity that settled between the two allowed Pierre-Luc to evolve over the advice of the one who believed in him. “The goal is to go on my side at one point, but for now, it allows me to play non-stop . »

VIP at the liquor store This

coming Saturday, he is loaded with memories that he will go up on the stage of the Old Bell Tower of Magog. He worked mainly to see his idols, those he had been listening to for a long time on his recorded VHS. The chance to chat with them was even common.

“We were going to have drinks with the artists at Liquor Store Magog, we were VIP! he sneers. For me, the Old Bell Tower was not a job . I did not even know how much I earned, I did not care! It was a beautiful school, beautiful moments in my life. When I arrived at the ENH, I found that having seen so many comedians and so many numbers evolve gave me an ease for writing. ”

Do you want to go?
Pierre-Luc Pomerleau
Saturday, May 19, 8:30 pm
Old Bell Tower of Magog
Ticket: $ 29.50

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