A real Mother Christmas in Quebec

A real Mother Christmas in Quebec

Determined to sow happiness around her after losing everything in the past year, a woman from the Quebec City region delivers gifts to 31 families in need in December.

“It’s like an advent calendar! I decided to help a family a day with food, toys or clothes, ”explains Marie-Andréa Bérard, the woman behind the project.

From Sainte-Brigitte-de-Laval, Mme Bérard launched a campaign with a goal of $ 1,500 to fund his project in mid-November, on the GoFundMe platform.

She eventually received just under $ 1,200, but she was able to collect a large number of material donations.

A difficult year

From Quebec to Trois-Rivières, around thirty families in need were found via specialized groups on social networks.

Mme Bérard took the time to talk to each of them to get to know them and find out what would make them happy.

She even took advantage of the rare days when she was free to offer gift cards to the Lauberivière organization, a shelter for homeless people.

“This is the first time I’ve done this. I turned 40 this year and lost everything: job, house, spouse. I had a very difficult year, ”says the good Samaritan woman, who wanted to“ make December magical ”for as many people as possible.

“In November, I was looking for a way to get out of this hellish cycle to stop focusing on my little problems. I told myself that by making a family happy every day in December, which is going through bigger problems than me, that would also bring me a lot of happiness, ”she continues.

Good choice

Happiness and gratitude, she had a ton.

Throughout the month of December, smiles split from ear to ear – behind the mask – “thank you very much! »And tears of joy animated his daily life.

From her first donation, she knew she had made the right decision.

“The mother asked me to buy a snowsuit so that her little girl could enjoy the winter, she only had boots. When I went to wear her a new coat, she couldn’t believe it. She was crying hot tears! », Remembers Mme Berard.

“I really needed to do something for my neighbor. Honestly, I feel a lot of gratitude, it’s crazy what it feels like inside of me, ”she breathes, inviting those who can to do the same.


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