A real punch book

A real punch book

If we believed slavery has long been abolished in the United States, this brilliant novel quickly takes care of reminding us of the opposite …

It is not the first time that it has been said, and certainly not the last: reality often exceeds fiction. This novel, which was praised in the United States and which notably won the PEN / Faulkner Award, gives us once again proof of this.

Inspired by a very sordid affair which, at the turn of the 2010s, took place on a farm near Saint Augustine, Florida, it opens with a scene that we will not soon forget. : a 17-year-old black boy whose two hands were cut off manages to escape from the huge farm that had held him prisoner for years. And if, after having found his aunt, he will succeed in rebuilding his life far from it, he will never forget his mother Darlene, who is still held captive there.

A nightmare job

The way the story is told is downright awesome. We will of course go back to learn more about Darlene Hardison and what drove her to sink body and soul into crack. Because it is because of her dependence on illicit substances that she was recruited by Delicious food, this farm having found a singular way to reduce to slavery all the drug addicts it employs.

But what makes this story absolutely unique is how the drug itself has been personified. Nothing can stop her from speaking, and because of this, she will be happy to tell about Darlene’s long descent into hell.

A novel that astonishes and marks.



The perfect woman

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