A “really significant” impact for athletes in the region



Celebrated for 50 years, the Athlete's Gala has made it possible to highlight the exploits of athletes in the region, but above all, to have an “extremely significant” impact on their careers and development. .

The magnitude of this impact, former long track speed skater Gaétan Boucher and ex-diver Sylvie Bernier were able to take full measure of it. The first was crowned athlete of the year in 1977, then in 1980. The second won these honors in 1983 and the following year.

As part of the 50th anniversary of the Gala, the two former Olympians were invited, along with several other renowned athletes, to celebrate the tradition of sporting excellence in the region.

Their work recognised

Boucher and Bernier recalled how heart-warming this award was, but also recognized the hard work behind their performances around the world.

“The people who recognized us were people from the industry, journalists from the industry, who took the time of an evening to recognize the work. Not just the work of the athletes, but of the coaches, builders and parents too who were there for us. It was extremely important that night. »

For Gaétan Boucher, quadruple Olympic medalist, the event also opened the door to the future generation of athletes.

“There were divers after Sylvie. There were skaters after me. I watch Pierre Harvey, his son followed and other athletes too. This recognition was really important to us,” he recalled.

A great succession

Between the elders who exchanged memories and anecdotes in a good mood, several young athletes were at a first gala of its kind. But certainly not their last if we are to believe Sylvie Bernier.

“We have always said that the Quebec City region is a breeding ground for athletes and beautiful people too. People who succeed on the national and international scene and who represent the region very well,” she assured, a bit proud to see the region still well represented by these young shoots. 

Gaétan Boucher was able to see the strength of the next generation in the region. The hero of the Sarajevo Games in 1984 said he started training again in order to participate in the masters championship. The youth on blades impressed him quite a bit on the ice ring.

“Young people who go fast, there are a lot of them. I get on the ice in some sessions where we are with younger people, they are 14, 15 and 16 years old and it skates! And it's not the national team, it's not the Quebec team yet. It is young people who will access it later. »

The winners of the evening

Athlete of the year

Laurent Dubreuil | Long Track Speed ​​Skating

International Individual Sport

Laurent Dubreuil | Long Track Speed ​​Skating

International Partner/Teammate

Ann-Renée Desbiens/Marie-Philip Poulin | Ice hockey

Ann-Renée Desbiens, international teammate winner.

International Coach

Gregor Jelonek | Long Track Speed ​​Skating

National Individual Sport

Victor Primeau | Freestyle Skiing

National Partner/Teammate

William Dufour | Ice Hockey

National Coach

Nicolas Fontaine | Freestyle Skiing


Jean-Simon Desgagnés | Athletics


Red and Gold cross-country

Female discovery

Alexia Aubin | Ice hockey

Male discovery

Enzo Fabi | Taekwondo


Bruno Martin | Artistic Gymnastics


Florence Klein | Quebec Artistic Swimming