A red of great thirst!

Un rouge de grande soif!

With the been successfully installed, we are looking for red light, but that are also tasty and which show the personality. Here is the perfect candidate!

We forget, too often, that Austria product of small wonders. This is the case of the red that brings together two typical grape varieties of the appellation Burgenland: the blaufränkisch and zweigelt, the two in equal shares. The result is a wine with fragrances bursting with violets, licorice, cloves and charcoal. On the palate, the texture is silky and relieved by a frank acidity. It is energetic and flowing. It serves as a pretty cool (45-60 minutes in the refrigerator). It will only a mouthful of the warm evenings of summer. In addition, it is organic and… it is sold for$ 2 less than last year!

Weingut Pittnauer, Pitti 2018, Burgenland, Austria Us$ 17.95 – Code SAQ 14444201 – 13,5% – 3g/L – BIO

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  • More stars than dollar: is worth its price.
  • As many stars as dollars: worth its price.
  • Less stars than dollars: the wine is expensive.
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