A referendum with that?

This is it, the candidates for the leadership of the Parti Québécois left in the promises of a suicide referendum at the start of an elected government of the Parti Québécois. Simplistic thinking which has demonstrated its ineffectiveness twice.
B f course, activists campaigning it, so they’re super motivated to make Quebec a country as fast as possible. Telling them what they want to hear by demonstrating their loyalty to the sovereignist cause and by promising them a referendum in the aftermath of a victorious Parti Québécois election is what appears to many of the candidates as the best strategy. But this strategy is so incomplete that it reminds me of someone who would start shopping for a parachute on Amazon after hopping off the plane.

None of the candidates has a strategy or speech intended, not for activists, but for the people of Quebec. They should think of a coherent and lasting message that would accompany their speech, this time aimed at Quebec voters rather than party activists. A message that might read as follows:

“Do not vote for us if what you are looking for is a government that will replace that of a party worn out by power or which you wish to get rid of. If you vote for us, and there are enough of you to vote for us to be convinced that a referendum on sovereignty would only confirm your majority intention for Quebec to become independent, then only we will proceed. If not, we will leave our place to a possible coalition of the other parties to govern the province. ”

This is an electoral program that would make sense and that would at least have the merit of being logical and defensible. Far from being political suicide, it would allow party activists to stop tearing each other apart and imagine once again that their party’s electoral victory would convince the entire population of Quebec of the merits of their social project.

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