A registry in quebec to track down cases of COVID-19 in the bars and restaurants

Un registre québécois pour traquer des cas de COVID-19 dans les bars et restaurants

Four associations of restaurants and bars unite to help the public health in Québec to contact clients if there have been outbreaks of coronavirus in their institutions.

The Union of the tenants of the bars of Quebec, the Corporation of the owners of bars, brasseries and taverns in Quebec, the Association Restoration Québec and the association of the bar of Quebec are asking tenants and clients to register on restezouverts.com a first register clients in quebec free designed for them.

Developed by Lanla, the voluntary register requires customers to register on the website and fill out a few questions related to the COVID-19. The bartender, himself, must do the same for its establishment and will allow the client to indicate its presence.

“If there is a case that is declared by the public health such a night, we will send the registry of the clients to the owners of the establishments so that they can communicate with their clients to go and get tested,” said Mario Beaulieu, vice-president of Lanla.

He promises that customer information will remain confidential and will destroy it after a period of 30 days.

Lanla recalls the outbreak of the COVID-19 at the Mile Public House in Brossard occurred a few weeks ago where it was difficult to list all of the clients. A little later, the minister of Health, Christian Dubé, recommended the establishment of such a registry for bars and restaurants.

In addition to the four groupings of restaurants and bars, all les rôtisseries St-Hubert have joined the registry, which was launched officially on Thursday morning.

The president of the Corporation of the owners of bars, brasseries and taverns in Quebec, Renaud Poulin, recalled that the register is issued on a voluntary basis and no association cannot force its membership to its members.


In the spotlight since their return, the owners of the bars know that they must remain vigilant.

“It is sure that it may be binding, but it is also necessary to look at what is happening elsewhere in the world,” says Mr. Poulin.

“If we want to stay open, we must work together. We must ensure that there is no case. It is to be understood that it is targeted. It is an industry that can be problematic if people do not cooperate”, he adds.

Renaud Poulin also welcomed the vigilance observed in the past few weeks among owners of bars in quebec.

The beginning of the vacation of the building has not increased the traffic in the bars in montreal, he noted. Conversely, clients respond present in bars in tourist areas such as in the Bas-Saint-Laurent and Gaspésie.

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