A religious building converted into a help center in Sherbrooke?

A religious building converted into a help center in Sherbrooke?

On sale since July 2019, the property of the White Missionary Fathers of Africa established in Sherbrooke is about to be sold to be transformed into a help center, alongside which would emerge a housing project.

The religious community would have accepted an unconditional offer from two businessmen in the region, including Sherbrooke resident Réal Brochu, for an amount estimated between $ 2 and $ 2.5 million.

Located at the end of Cardinal-Lavigerie Street, the white-zoned land covering an area of ​​148 acres consists mainly of coniferous forest.

The intention of buyers would be to develop a residential area with a potential of around 100 houses. The project would first require them to obtain an amendment to the development plan because of the current zoning.

The building housing the religious congregation, which totals 56,000 square feet spread over four floors, would be the subject of a specific project that could involve the Robert Piché Foundation.

According to information obtained by TVA Nouvelles, the former captain and airplane pilot visited the premises three weeks ago to see if it would be possible to set up a help center for people struggling with addiction issues.

Robert Piché declined to comment on this possibility, saying he was not involved in the transaction and that the potential buyers are only in the preliminary stages.

Due diligence continues by buyers to whom the religious community, through the Terramont Commercial real estate agency, has given until mid-February to complete the transaction.


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