A renewed course

A renewed journey

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After having met with huge success in previous years, the third edition of Illumi , the largest multimedia tour in the world, took off last Thursday, leaving millions of sparks in the eyes of young and old.

In a few days, thousands of visitors have already been able to admire all 19 paintings presented in the exhibition, including 14 fantastic new universes. In total, more than 80% of the three-kilometer course has been renewed.

Several of these worlds were imagined from children's drawings received last year. Among these, we find The Candy World and The Galaxy As Seen by Martians .

“& nbsp; Some of the designs have been turned into structures over seven meters high,” says the founding president of Cavalia, Normand Latourelle, during an interview with Le Journal . I was lucky [this contest]. Often times, it's a crush on adults too. & Nbsp; “

No restrictions

Like a large park, there are no restrictions on visitors when approaching the structures. Children can climb on installations, like dinosaurs, and give free rein to their imaginations. & Nbsp;

M. & nbsp; Latourelle is particularly proud to be able to rekindle this childish side among visitors to the exposure. “ Illumi is the biggest playground in the world. My greatest satisfaction is seeing that children have fun, that adults fall back into childhood & nbsp; “.

In order to make the light experience more magical, some of the new universes will come to life on the course of Illumi . & Nbsp;

“& nbsp; We have, for example, dinosaurs moving animatronics, including the largest animatronic dinosaur ever made. You can even see it from the highway. & Nbsp; “

More pedestrians

This year, the number of visitors per day was restricted to 8,000, while the experiment could accommodate up to 15,000 people per day last year. This adjustment was necessary in order to respect health measures and ensure the safety of people, a priority for M. & nbsp; Latourelle.

“& nbsp; Last year, we realized that the car was essential for some visitors, such as the elderly, people with reduced mobility or young families. For this edition, we decided to keep cars while integrating pedestrians. This way, visitors have an ideal experience. & Nbsp; “

While the vaccination passport is necessary for people choosing to walk the route, it is not for the car route. However, it is required to access the facilities and order drinks. Wearing a mask is recommended, but not compulsory.

Illumi – New fairyland of lights … Featured on the Cavalia site in Laval (close to Centropolis) until January 30, 2022. Tickets at www.illumi.com

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