A resident finds a parrot from the Amnéville zoo in her garden: it was lost after being carried away by the wind

A resident of Rombas discovered, Friday July 5, 2024, an exotic bird resting on the branch of one of the trees in her garden. It was a parrot from the Amnéville zoo, in Moselle, which had gotten lost after being surprised by a gust of wind.

An Ara Ararauna parrot was found Friday July 5, 2024 safe and sound by a resident of Rombas, indicates Le Républicain Lorrain. The animal was in one of the trees in his garden. The sociable animal approached when she handed him pieces of banana.

A rare incident

La Rombasienne notified the Amnéville zoo, where the bird had disappeared a few days later after being surprised by a gust of wind. "At the beginning of the week, a gust carried him up high, he passed above the treetops", explains Mickael Henry, animal manager of the establishment. "On the other side of the forest edge, he found himself without landmarks", he adds . A rare incident, according to him.

Zoo keepers went there to recover the bird born in captivity. As he was hungry, the parrot was quick to approach them and return to the zoo.

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