A resident stole at the deli. Neymar (video)

Жительница России украла возле магазина… Неймара (видео)

An amusing incident occurred in Cherepovets: one of the residents of the Russian city, after leaving the store, approached a life-size figure of the soccer team of Brazil Neymar, but instead of the traditional in such cases, photos… took shape under his arm and briskly walked away.

I note that in Cherepovets matches of the 2018 world Cup was not held (to the nearest city that hosted the matches of the world Cup, almost 500 kilometers), so the woman, apparently, at least thus decided to become involved in such a significant sporting event.

Recall that Brazil had a poor performance at the 2018 world Cup, losing in the quarterfinals of Belgium (1:2), and the Neymar remembered for the matches of the world Cup in the first place is not their game, but frequent crashes and simulations.


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