A respite service is threatened with closure

Un service de répit menacé de fermeture

The parents of a woman with multiple disabilities, 27 years of age say they live in “prison” since the temporary closure due to pandemic a community resource of respite, which now threatens to stop its activities for good, due to lack of funds.

Pandemic is forcing, workshops and business functions of the organization Laura Lémerveil were suspended in mid-march. These activities are required by some fifty adults with multiple disabilities for over 23 years.

Annie-Claude, a young 27 year old woman suffering from a partial trisomy of chromosome 4, lives well, evil, the deprivation of which represented the heart of his routine.

Victor and his daughter, Annie-Claude.

“She has her routine in the morning : she takes her bottle, she eat breakfast, and hop, it takes the carriage and brings them to the workshops. She returns in the evening and it is correct, tells his mother, Marie-Claude Desmeules. Now, she has trouble sleeping at night. At a certain point, she fed almost over. “

A partial recovery of service, two weeks ago, has allowed him to offer a day of workshops. Then, last week, two days. “As soon as she had a day she started to live,” said his mother.

“Everything must be done “

Otherwise, like the other families who depend on this resource, she and her husband, Victor Boudreault, meet full-time to the needs of their daughter. Mr. Boudreault has made the choice to stop working and to delegate the management of his business to his son for an indefinite amount of time.

“She needs as a baby. She drinks her bottle in the morning and evening. It must be accomplished eating. She is incontinent… it is necessary to do everything for her. It is physical, mental. It does not say a word, ” said Ms. Desmeules.

The idea of rest days as was this ex-nurse in middle school, freshly retired, has quickly evaporated since her daughter is confined in the family residence of Boischatel.

“This is not a retirement. It is a prison, ” explains Marie-Claude Desmeules.

“Between the cracks of the couch “

Un service de répit menacé de fermeture

Photo Stevens LeBlanc
Sandra Lambert
Executive director Laura Lémerveil

In addition to having to manage the containment, the concerns of the couple are enlivened to the possibility that Laura Lémerveil ceases to deliver the workshops and business functions. The body asks Quebec to assume half of the costs on a recurring basis. Its directors have argued on Monday that without a positive response from the ministry of Health by 3 July, the workshops should be stopped to avoid harm to other service offerings.

“I find it terrible that in a society such as ours, these children fall between the cracks of the couch. All the time, all the time. From the minute you breathe a little bit, it always happens something “, just to understand Victor Boudreault.

The body is said to have reiterated its requirements to the new minister of Health, Christian Dubé, Monday, in addition to asking to meet him. “Time is of the essence and we are still waiting for a return on his part,” says the founder and executive director of Laura Lémerveil, Sandra Lambert.

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