A restaurateur guilty of sexual assault

A restaurateur guilty of sexual assault

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A Sutton restaurateur with a heavy, wandering hand and was convicted of sexually assaulting three of his former employees, including a minor.

“The Court must consider whether he believes the accused's version. The answer is very simple. No. […] There is no doubt about his version, ”Judge Lyne Beauchesne ruled in her recent decision at the Cowansville courthouse.

The explanations of Baris Ugurlu, 48, who tried to justify his “unworthy conduct” are “not credible”, ruled the court which found him guilty of sexual assault and assault for events dating back to 2017 and 2019.

Because the former boss of the Sultan in Sutton in Estrie took advantage of his status as an employer to give strong drinks to his new employees aged between 17 and 23 years old in order to obtain reconciliations during their shift.

He was constantly refilling their glasses, to the point where one of them had no choice but to throw the excess down the sink to stay in control.

“Plan match “

” The accused followed his game plan, which is to weaken the faculties of his victim to achieve his goal “, we can read in the court document.

Then, little by little, Ugurlu inappropriately touched or tried to kiss his victims against their will, despite evasive gestures on their part.

“He has wandering hands, chest, buttocks, everything goes. He moves around her. Sometimes he's behind her, to the side. He puts his hands to the side of her face, he pulls her head towards him and she has to force her to avoid contact with his mouth, ”the document relates.

Her youngest victim, aged 17, told the court that she did not know what to do and that she was “in shock” at the repeated behavior of her boss. After several attempts, he managed to get his tongue in her mouth.

When her mother came to pick her up, the girl was so intoxicated that she could barely walk. “Disgusted with herself”, she tried to end her life by arriving home and had to be transported to the hospital.

Modus operandi

Thus, “the Tribunal considers that it has proof beyond a reasonable doubt of the offenses. But there is more. Evidence of unworthy conduct shows an individual who has a modus operandi, ”denotes the magistrate.

Pending a decision on guilt, Baris Ugurlu, who now lives in Lachute, would also have repeated his merry-go-round. He was accused of sexual assault for an event dating back to August 2021.

It would be an 18-year-old victim from Saint-Placides in the Laurentians, according to the Voix de the East last August.

Baris Ugurlu is due to return to court on December 20 for his sentence.

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