A role that looks like him

Un rôle qui lui ressemble

Like many of his peers, Sophie Nélisse has seen all his plans turned upside down by the pandemic. The actress of 20 years would normally have had to play in an american tv series that was supposed to be touring this summer, but the crisis of the sars coronavirus has decided otherwise. Pending the resumption of filming, she can fall back on the output of the English-speaking film Those who remain, which she co-stars with american actress Heather Graham.

Shot two years ago in northern Ontario and produced by the montreal filmmaker Aisling Chin-Yee, Those that remain (The Rest of Us) puts in scene the character of Cami (Heather Graham), an illustrator of books for children, that agrees to host at her home the second wife of her ex-husband following the sudden death of the latter. Sophie Nélisse plays the role of the daughter of Cami, Aster, a teenage rebel who is always at loggerheads with his mother.

In an interview with The Newspaper, Sophie Nélisse admits that he quickly fell in love with the character of Aster. It is even said to share several points in common with this ado to the strong character.

“This is definitely one of the characters I have played who resembles me the most,” said the young quebec actress.

Sophie Nélisse in a scene from the film Those who remain

“Aster is in full-blown adolescence, but it is not just silly to be silly. There is a big lack of communication and misunderstanding between she and her mother, and she feels a kind of […] rejection even if his mother tells him all the time that she loves him. She so loves her mother and she does so not to disappoint that it is sometimes cold and beast with her to not show him her weaknesses. I understand that, because I think I tend to be like this me too with my mother. “

Sophie Nélisse admits that she knew little of the work of Heather Graham before the meeting on the set of Those that remain : “I had seen her in the Hangover, but that’s all,” she says.

She is said to have been impressed by his sensitivity and generosity of the actress ofAustin Powers and Boogie Nights :

“I know she has often played the role of beautiful blonde girl, but I find that it really stood out in Those that remain. She often had tears in my eyes after having played some of the scenes. It was very emotional, to the image of his character. She was also very maternal on the set. Often, she came to see me to take of my new and see how I was doing. She was curious and full of energy. The two main actresses of the film were great also. It really was all four on the same wavelength. “

Ten years already

Mine of nothing, Sophie Nélisse will be celebrating its ten-year career the next year with the 10th anniversary of the release of Monsieur Lazhar, the film by Philippe Falardeau which was revealed to the public.

“Philippe [Falardeau] came to dinner recently at home and we realized that it’s been ten years that we have turned Monsieur Lazhar , “says the young actress who has multiplied the roles in French and English in recent years.

“This is crazy. It seems that ten years have passed quickly and slowly at the same time. I have the impression that it’s been a super long time that I’ve played in Monsieur Lazhar, but at the same time, I remember some details like it was yesterday. I am really grateful that this film to me has led to where I am today, even if I remain an eternal unfulfilled. I am aware that I am lucky to have the career that I have, but I’m a perfectionist and I’m never satisfied with my work. I can’t say that I reached all of my goals, because I still have a lot of dreams that I would like to achieve. ”

The film Those who remain (The Rest of Us) is to be released on video on demand on July 28.

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