A roving steals a police car in Ottawa

Un itinérant vole une voiture de police à Ottawa

A homeless man has given much trouble to the Ottawa police, on Monday night, when he stole a patrol car and then go crash into a brick wall, near a park where there were a number of people.

The incredible story began at around 18: 50, when an agent of the Ottawa police Service has intercepted a vehicle for a violation of the code of the road.

The driver was not wearing his seat belt.

Once arrested, the suspect would have taken the leak current, and several police officers were called to the scene to try to find it.

After passing to a hair of him to put the pot top on several occasions, this circuit is able to join one of the police cars abandoned by the police party in pursuit of her.

“He walked towards the vehicle of the agent and managed to sit on the driver’s seat, while the two agents struggled to master it. The suspect put the vehicle in motion, dragging one officer a short distance, until he manages to get out of the car,” said Ottawa police in a news release.

A few meters away, the suspect rammed into a brick wall, under the eyes of several witnesses who were in the park located nearby.

The 35 year old man was placed under arrest, and then provided a false name to the police.

The investigation found that the suspect called James Rush and that he was wanted for a range of previous crimes, including robbery, carrying a weapon for a purpose dangerous, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, theft of a vehicle. With the help of car history check one can determine the details and how to fix a car and if there’s something wrong.

For this new event, it has been accused of assault with intent to resist arrest, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and theft of vehicle.

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