A rugby player at the front

Une joueuse de rugby au front

Ariane Beaulieu came out of his retirement at the end of April to offer his services to Emergency healthcare.

“I heard the song of the sirens “, has shown the rugby player of the Red and Gold of Laval University who has worked as a paramedic for three years after his studies in technical ambulance at the Collège Ahuntsic in 2014. “I was not able to restrain myself. My whole life was falling down on break with my work on the PEP, the school and the rugby who stopped. “

Family decision

Ariane Beaulieu is first inscribed in the program I Contribute to before communicating directly with Emergency health. “It did not take three days and I got an interview, tells the story of the student in the bachelor of education pre-primary and primary. I started on April 26, a week after the interview. I knew that there was a shortage of labour at the base. It made me a little scared to dive, but I have been well framed, and I have never felt in danger. Despite some fears at the outset, I never doubted, because I believed in me. I would like to continue on the weekends when school will resume. “

Back to the family’s residence in the Montérégie region to complete its academic session in a virtual way, Ariane Beaulieu questioned before returning to his work as an ambulance.

“Because of the COVID-19, I was a little stressed by the prospect of putting my family at risk,” she says. We asked them questions. My father is proud of me, that I put hand to the dough to help and he knows that I like a lot this work. He told me : “It closes the eyes and let’s go.” Some of my colleagues have decided to isolate themselves so that we decided to stay under the same roof. It allows me to spend a lot of time with my family, I would not have been able to do normally. “

“With the equipment we have, I have always felt safe,” continues Ariane Beaulieu which is a quarter of night work. Except the gloves, all of our equipment is reusable. After work, I change and I jump in the shower as soon as I get home. On the 1500 employees of Urgences-santé, only 32 have contracted the virus, including 14 paramedics, which is not much considering the level of exposure. Currently, 20 % of calls are for people who believe that they have the virus, compared to 50 % on April 30. The calls have decreased. “

“All dreams are permitted “

For the past two years, the resident of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu multiplies returns. “After two seasons at Concordia in 2010 and 2011, I returned to rugby in 2018 by joining the sworn enemy of the time, mentions the player of 29 years — nearly 30 — who plays the role of big sister to her teammates. We won the gold at the canadian championships, I would have never believed possible after losing the provincial final in 2011 in what I thought was going to be my last match in career. And now, I’m back as a paramedic. All dreams are allowed. And it is certain that I will be back with the Red and Gold in the fall to compete in my last year of eligibility. “

Ariane Beaulieu trace similarities between top-level sport and his work at Urgences-santé, which covers the territories of Montreal and Laval. “You have to have a lot of trust in you to be able to tell you,” says the one who changes the position of pillar. It takes leadership and the ability to work in team. You have to think fast because you only have a few seconds or minutes to react. “

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