A Russian presenter claims that the French do not wash

Russian presenter claims French people don't wash< /p> UPDATE DAY

A Russian presenter known for relaying Vladimir Putin's propaganda would have attacked the “Russophobic French”, claiming that the latter “no longer use shampoo or toothpaste” because of the inflation. 

“A specific smell can currently be detected in the streets of French cities, where garbage collectors are on strike, as well as in public institutions where Russian-phobic Frenchmen gather, dirty and badly washed”, would have launched the presenter Olga Skabeyeva, according to the Belgian media 7sur7.

Nicknamed the “iron doll” of Vladimir Putin for his propagandist remarks which often attack the Occident, the presenter would thus have based her remarks on a study published by the Institute of Opinion and Marketing Studies in France (Ifop).

However, these would be distorted remarks: if the study reported that one French person out of 10 would have occasionally given up the purchase of certain hygiene products of basic necessities due to inflation, she would have insisted on the fact that “millions of French people no longer wash”.

According to the study, 12% would have given up at least occasionally purchase of deodorants, while 9% would go without detergent.

In the past, she would also have said that Europeans had to eat cats or prostitute themselves to survive, according to the Belgian media.