A safer place to go to get vaccinated in Montreal

A safer place to go for vaccinations in Montreal


Ventilation, N95 masks, waiting at the car: a Montreal pharmacist offers immunosuppressed people who want their booster dose a safer environment than what major vaccination centers offer.&nbsp ;

“To receive the vaccine that should protect [immunosuppressed people], they have to put themselves at risk. It’s unfair,” argues pharmacist Daron Basmadjian.

According to studies, the vaccine effectiveness of immunocompromised people, who represent about 1% to 2% of Quebecers, is quite random. While some who have received several doses have never developed antibodies, others have from the second.

To limit their possible contact with the virus during vaccination, Mr. Basmadjian decided to exceptionally open its pharmacy this Saturday to immunosuppressed people and their families. This is normally closed on weekends as it is located in a medical building.

“I know that there will be no one in the building and that there will be no other customers who may come in with a cold or other symptoms,” said Mr. Basmadjian. 

To minimize on-site time, clients will complete health questionnaires in advance and be able to spend post-vaccination waiting time in their car outside the clinic. 

“The risk of spending 15 minutes with 40 or 50 other people is often quite high for an [immunosuppressed] person”, says the pharmacist. 

Those who will be vaccinated this weekend at the Arto Basmadjian pharmacy will also be able to keep their N95 mask if they have one, a protocol that is still not in place in the major vaccination centers in the province.

All these measures are in addition to the CO2 readers and air purifier already installed since last year.


This idea came to Daron Basmadjian when he was looking for a safe place where his liver transplant father could be vaccinated, but couldn't find one. 

So he decided to vaccinate himself- even his father in the family pharmacy, who had already offered the service for the first and second doses. want to help other people who find themselves in the same situation, ”says the collaborator of the COVID-STOP collective.

His goal is to vaccinate 15 to 20 people this Saturday. 

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