A Saint-Jean is not like the others

Une Saint-Jean pas comme les autres

Quebecers are going to live a national holiday unique. Because of the COVID-19, it will be necessary to forget the traditional festive gathering on the plains of Abraham in Quebec city or in the Quartier des spectacles in Montreal. The Saint-Jean 2020 will be celebrated in front of the tv or in a movie park.

There will still be a great show, aptly christened All of Quebec, in unison.

It will be recorded without an audience at the Amphitheatre Cogeco in Trois-Rivières and broadcast simultaneously on Tuesday night, on the four major networks.

It will be hosted by Pierre Lapointe and Ariane Moffatt, and it will feature Lara Fabian, Patrice Michaud, Marie-Mai, Alexandra Stréliski, Cœur de pirate, and dozens of other singers and singers among us.

In short, this will be historic, have already declared the standard-bearer of this Saint-Jean is not like the others.

“Normally, Quebecers are divided into 700 different sites across the province of Quebec, with all the block parties. This year, it will be the first time that all the world will be doing the same thing at home. It’s going to look like on the day of the Year at the national holiday “, says the actor Didier Lucien, spokesman for the 2020 national holiday.

This will also be a St-Jean without bonfires or fireworks.

Due to the heat wave that increases to the extreme risk of forest fires, the government of Quebec has banned all fires on the territory.

Marc Dupré will be performing at Mirabel on 23 and 24 June.

The ciné-parc

That said, the tv show isn’t the only option available to people in Quebec who want to celebrate the nation. After having started its activities in the Bay of Beauport, in Quebec city, the concert series TD musiparc will benefit from the evenings of 23 and 24 June to expand its operations at Mirabel, Gatineau, Mercier, and in Bromont.

The followers of the formula ciné-parc will be able to celebrate with 2Frères, Marc Dupré, France D’amour, Cain, Dany Bédar and Blue Jeans Blue.

“Outside of Quebec, these are the first and we feel a craze,” said communications manager Melissa Parent.

Before the public in the Gaspé

In this virtual wall and automotive, there are some gaps. So, a few Gaspesians lucky will be able to attend a performance in flesh and bone, on the 24th of June.

Established by the Festival in song, the event once Again 1 5 will bring together local artists, including Marie-Pierre Arthur and Daniel Butcher, who will be performing in five different venues, Grande-Vallée and Petite-Vallée.

The same evening, Rémi Chassé singing for fifty people in the room, John Cossette, in Amqui.

Otherwise, it will be mostly in line with, among others, Safia Nolin, who will value the diversity during a night of music broadcast on its page Facebook, while the comedian Philippe Laprise will present a special edition of Saint-John of its Facebook Live weekly Columnists.

With the collaboration of the QMI Agency

On tv, the show Quebec in unison

It is a national holiday historic that the live Tuesday night on the four major networks tv (TVA, Radio-Canada, Télé-Québec and V). For the occasion, more than 40 artists will take part in the big show picked up in the Amphitheatre Cogeco in Trois-Rivières. Ariane Moffatt and Pierre Lapointe will take care of the animation.

Titled All of Quebec, in unison, the big celebration will be broadcast for the first time simultaneously on the four channels of tv main.

Le grand spectacle de la fête nationale, Quebec, in unison, will be broadcast Tuesday evening, 20 h, on TVA, Radio-Canada, Télé-Québec, and V. For info : fetenationale.quebec.

Here are a few of the artists invited:

  • Ariane Moffatt
  • Pierre Lapointe
  • Michel Rivard
  • Lara Fabian
  • Patrice Michaud
  • Louis-Jean Cormier
  • Isabelle Boulay-Richard Séguin
  • Émile Bilodeau
  • Cœur de pirate
  • The sisters Boulay
  • Roch Voisine
  • Diane Dufresne
  • Fred Pellerin
  • Luce Dufault
  • Marie-Mai
  • Alexandra Stréliski
  • Hubert Lenoir
  • Vincent Vallières
  • Gregory Charles
  • Paul Piché
  • The Three Agreements

The shows in the musiparcs

In their cars, canadians will also be able to move to hear – one of the ten concerts in the drive-ins the 23 and 24 June.

On June 23,

  • 2Frères, Quebec
  • Marc Dupré, Mirabel
  • France d’amour in Gatineau
  • Cain, at Mercier
  • Dany Bédar, to Bromont

On the 24th of June

  • 2Frères, Quebec
  • Marc Dupré, Mirabel
  • France d’amour in Gatineau
  • Cain, at Mercier
  • Blue Jeans Blue, Bromont

On the web

Philippe Laprise

The national festival will celebrate also on the web. Here are four events you can find on the social networks on the 24th of June.

On the 24th of June

The saint-Jean de Kaïn :

The group will also propose the concert virtual The Saint-Jean de Kaïn !.

20: 30, on the website lepointdevente.com.

Philippe Laprise :

The comedian has prepared a special edition on Facebook, notably with Vincent Graton, Brigitte Boisjoli, Dominique Hudson, Jean-Michel Anctil and Neev.

18 h, in the facebook.com/PhilLaprise.

Safia Nolin :

The musician will present the virtual performance of Saint Joan with guests, including Backxwash, Tranna Wintour and Karl Hardy. The drag queen Kiara will be in the animation.

20 h, in the facebook.com/safianolin.

All for the music :

The TFO will celebrate Saint-Jean on YouTube from the 25th to the 28th of June. There may be particular benefits virtual Lisa LeBlanc, Jill Barber, and Dumas.


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