A “Saint-Jean” on a canadian scale

Une «Saint-Jean» à l’échelle canadienne

The chain of franco-ontarians, TFO will celebrate the “Saint-Jean” to the size of Canada, with a show recorded live, presented on the 24th, and will feature Isabelle Boulay, Luc De Larochellière, Michel Rivard, Damien Robitaille, Shoots the Coyote, and Florent Vollant.

All for the music will be filmed in the gare Dalhousie, the Cirque Eloize, Montreal, and presented from 19 h to 20 h 30.

Damien Robitaille is a regular festival of Saint-Jean. He participated in the grand spectacle of the plains of Abraham last year, he made it two in Montreal, and he has also participated in events in the 23 and 24 June in small towns.

“I gave my first performance to life at a St. John in Sudbury, Ontario in 2003. I had done the first part of Jim Corcoran “, he spoke, saying that these festivals outside of Quebec are conducted on a small scale and do not compare to what is happening in Quebec.

Damien Robitaille and other invited artists will each be a few songs, accompanied by Antoine Gratton and a string quartet.

“This will not be a big band home like we usually see. It’s going to give a show more intimate. Antoine wants to create an atmosphere of a campfire and I find it interesting. I will bring enthusiasm to the show, ” he said.

Damien Robitaille

Beautiful representation

The Franco-Ontarian native of Lafontaine, a small village located on the shores of Georgian bay, is sensitive to the francophone reality outside Quebec.

“Speak and make people aware of the reality of francophones outside of Quebec has always been something that I held close to heart. One feels that it was more our place in the cultural community in Quebec. It has a nice representation in this show “, he started, was a reference to Michelle Campaign, Andrea Lindsay, Mélissa Ouimet, Caroline Savoie and Geneviève Toupin, the trio’s Chances.

Damien Robitaille has been very active since the beginning of the confinement period. He has posted 88 videos on his page Facebook, in which he sings his songs and where he returned to Satisfaction of the Stones, Dreamer of Supertramp, Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, the soundtrack of the Simpsons , and many others.

“It’s pretty crazy. I have not stopped. It keeps me busy, it distracts and I try to find a positive side to this situation. I’m going to try and make it to 100 “, he started laughing.

Pulls The Coyote

On YouTube

Director-general of the canadian Foundation for the dialogue of cultures, Guy Matte, explains that All music has for goal to bring together the francophones around the Saint-Jean-Baptiste day, which is celebrated across the country.

Performances were to be presented to Victoria, British Columbia, and in Hawkesbury, Ontario, but the COVID-19 has decided otherwise.

“We decided to take advantage of the pandemic to make this meeting of francophone communities, a unifying factor with artists from across Canada. We are proud of what we are and what we want to demonstrate, ” he explained.

A series of 12 episodes, featuring French-speaking artists, will also be released on YouTube between the 25th and the 28th of June. These capsules 30 minutes will be broadcast on TFO.

We find the benefits of Jill Barber (British Columbia), Lisa LeBlanc and Danny Boudreau (New Brunswick), Sophie Villeneuve (Yukon), Annette Campaign (Saskatchewan), Mamsell Ruiz and Dumas (Quebec), and many others.

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