A sample “Beginner” came to Western intelligence agencies in the early 90s

Образец "Новичка" появился у западных спецслужб еще в начале 90-х

Wednesday, 16 may, a popular German weekly Die Zeit published the results of an investigation conducted jointly by the journalists of several publications and television stations of Germany. The authors argue that the nerve poison “Beginner”, which was used for poisoning of Sergey and Yulia Skripal in Salisbury, is at the disposal of Western intelligence agencies in the early 90s.

Soon after the Soviet collapse, the Federal intelligence service of Germany BND has conducted a covert operation. It had recruited a Russian scientist suggested to get a sample “Beginner” and pass it to German intelligence in exchange for providing him and his family a residence permit in Germany.

BND agreed. The scientist gave the poison, then went to Germany and lived for some time under the protection of the Bundeswehr.

“Newbie” it was decided to give the analysis of the Swedish experts. The fact that the public in Germany only in 1990, made the withdrawal of U.S. chemical weapons stockpiles. Therefore, the German authorities did not want to be involved in the development or study of poison. A Swedish laboratory has established a formula “Newbie” and gave it to BND. At the direction of then German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, the German intelligence, in turn, shared the formula with their colleagues from the allied countries, including American and British.

Some NATO countries had produced a small amount of “Newbie” to counteract this poison. In order not to jeopardize good relations with the government of Boris Yeltsin, this operation was not made public.

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