A second book under the pen of Ti-Mé

Un deuxième livre sous la plume de Ti-Mé

Twenty years after the release of the Journal d’un Ti-Mé, Claude Meunier will launch this fall a second book on the reflections of his famous character. “This is a book that has about the disturbing and disturbed “, lance laughs the author, who has benefited from the containment of the last few months to finish writing the book.

Think Ti-Mé of migrants ? The movement #MeToo ? The COVID-19 ? Of the religion ? This is what Claude Meunier is fun to write in this book that he designed as conversations between his character and an interviewer’s imagination.

“These are interviews as we can read in a magazine,” he said. Ti-Mé decide on plenty of business. At times, it is completely in the field. Other times, in the middle of a thought absurd, he falls in full above. I let it speak. It is I who write, but it is he who speaks ! “

The famous character of The Little Life, which has also hosted two seasons of Ti-Mé Show at Radio-Canada, will speak about the woman (” he is very macho, I did validate what he said by my girlfriend ! “), of the evolution of humanity (” this is a little fashion to do the trick of the Man “), of china (” China ” a country with a very on the spot “) and the environment (he called this the “approximately” “).

Claude Miller wrote this book in six to eight months. “I love to write. There are those who have painting as a hobby. Me, I’ve done it as a hobby to seriously. I made myself take the game. I wrote every day, about two to three hours per day. “

“A chance of life “

The book will be published by Éditions Leméac, where the Log of a Ti-Mé had sold 50,000 copies in 2000. Why have you waited 20 years before writing a new book with Daddy ?

“My editor had already told me that I should do another one, but I was too busy to do the Ti-Mé Show, meets Claude Meunier. But one morning, I decided to write a “letter” to John Kennedy to talk to him about u.s. presidents, because I hated it so much Trump ! I had of course written in Ti-Mé and I sent it to people who have found it well funny. I started doing other texts and it is a bit like that, that the new book has started. It was a coincidence of life and it has allowed me to cross the containment of a creative and positive. “

Claude Miller is already thinking of bringing this second book further. “Maybe we’ll do a web series with interviews, because it would do very well,” he says. I love to write this kind of humor because it allows me to go far in the absurd. “

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